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Brakes on your car will usually squeak because they either need to be replaced, or they have a relatively high metallic content in them. Brakes have small metal indicators in them that let you know when the brake pads are getting low. Basically, it will sound a bit like fingernails on a chalkboard, and that let’s you know that you need to switch out your brake pads soon or you’ll be grinding full metal against metal.

However, some of the longer lasting brake pads are semi-metallic. This means that they have a relatively high metallic content in the brake pads, which makes them last longer. These can start squeaking even when they’re brand new, but the squeaking will be off and on. It won’t be like when you need to replace the pads, which will be a consistent squeaking every time you press the brakes.

So, if you haven’t gotten new brakes recently, I’d probably check your brake pads. More than likely, you need to have them replaced.

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March 7, 2011