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Properly installed brakes should never be making a popping sound. The problem is likely just that. The brakes were not installed properly. A popping noise due to recently installed brakes is likely due to improperly installed brake pads. If the brake pads weren’t set right the brake tends to make a popping sound due to the way they are manipulated when in use. If you have had new brake pads installed and they are making a popping sound you should bring your car back to the shop where they were installed and inform them of your problem. There is a good chance they will adjust the brake pads for free! It is also good to bring your car back to a shop because there is a chance that the installation of the brake pads and the popping sound are just a coincidence and have nothing to do with each other. You don’t want to take risks concerning the form of transportation that could potentially take your life if not functioning properly.

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March 16, 2011