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If you have a gas leak coming from your gas tank, there will usually be gasoline leaking underneath the car when you are filling up the tank. Even when you are not filling up the tank, there may be gas leaking under the car. None of this is normal. If you see a gas leak, you need to have a mechanic inspect the car immediately. You should never drive a car with a gas leak, since this is an extremely dangerous fire hazard. If any sort of spark is around the leak or the gas leaking from it, the vehicle could catch on fire.

If you have a fuel line system leak, this problem is equally as dangerous. There could be a leak under the hood around the fuel pump. This is often suspected when you smell gas after the engine has been running. Fumes from the gas can collect under the hood and be a fire hazard, since both gas and it’s fumes are extremely flammable.

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April 16, 2011