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The difference between the BMW 328i and the BMW 335i is power. The two cars are essentially identical otherwise, though there are some features that come standard on the 335i that do not on the 328i. A new 335i will cost a person about $45,000 while a new 328i is about $38,000. The 335i has a total of 300 horsepower while the 328i has 230 horse power. The difference is quite noticeable. The increased horsepower is from a lighter mostly aluminum engine and twin turbo chargers. Turbo chargers work by forcing more air into the engine. They only work at certain factory set RPMs though. With two of them, the BMW 335i can stagger their functional ranges for even more power. The 335i also features a larger dual port chrome exhaust. Interestingly, turbo chargers are themselves charged by the exhaust from the engine, hence the limited functionality, as some of the time they are charging.

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July 14, 2011