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To play iPod in Honda 2009 accord EX coupe is to connect the AUX cable to the iPod, if no connectors are available means get the connector from the shop which is AUX in cable and a converter also should be if the iPod doesn’t provide the provision of AUX cable. It will be better if you leave you car to the workshop. And there is also easier way that you can find the solution for it by yourself go and take the user manual of the car and read the audio options chapter there they will tell whether this car come with the iPod connectivity if that option is available means they will tell you how to connect the iPod with step by step instructions. Usually this is not an tough job take the aux pin form the audio system usually they will be having a box for keeping iPod there the pin will be there connect the pin to the AUX pin hole and enjoy the music.

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September 20, 2013